"That person doesn't seem like someone who works hard"

"She only competes with her physique"

The person talking = Redlic (ManneQueen)
The person who heard "It looks like she's only competing with her physique" = Latrice (Jam Republic)

The comment goes along the lines of "That person doesn't work hard so I wonder if she's only competing with her physique"

The Youtube reactions: 

No matter what Latrice did, and since this is an edit and a trailer, we have to watch the main episode, but saying things like her physique or whatever is totally crossing the line. Especially, there are narratives related to racial discrimination, such as how the black body is consumed in Western entertainment. Even if you don't know about these narratives, talking about someone else's appearance and physique is such a personal attack and to be honest, I was furious when I saw this trailer. Also, the rank mission is a place to show only the results, not a place to verbally appeal for complaints during the practice or talk about how sincere you are or whatnot. In SMF, Ingyu's actions were so hopeless, but here, you can see something similar happening and it's disappointing. What Latrice said really touched my heart. She thought that she'd get "respect" but as a dancer and a human being, they were instead bringing up her body in this. Just how hurtful this must've been. This is something that people who have never lived through daily body evaluation and censorship due to their racial characteristics would never know.

I don't know if the trailer was badly edited, but the actual physical remarks are wow... I'm shocked she made a comment that can so easily be seen as a racial remark and I'm shocked that Mnet put it out there like that

Is what she said even right?... From the point of view of the dancer who said that, even if Latrice seemed to have put in less effort in her opinion, I think talking about her physique and whining about it is crossing the line.
Also, I thought that dancing was originally an art to compete physically no...? I thought that her comment was so weird. If you are going to feel unfair because someone else is born better than you, you should know that you can also be that person with genetical advantages to someone else. As if a model is sick to the stomach watching a model taller than herself, it's such an useless thing to say....

I hope Korean popular culture takes these things more seriously when creating content about race, body, history, and culture.

Korean dancers also benefited from going overseas and battling in dance battles with a smaller body frame, and they gained a great sense of satisfaction from there. But it's a shame to see those international teams coming to Korea and having to worry about their experience here. 

There are many things that Korean K-pop culture in general is oblivious regarding what is discriminatory against black people, but the biggest problem raised by international fans is that Korea lacks respect for black people and awareness of history while dancing and performing music styles derived from black culture. Hip-hop, afro, waacking, popping, and crump are all genres that came out of the black culture and the gestures of the oppressed people. I wished that these dancers and programs dealing with the dances derived from those cultures will have an attitude of respecting the history of these dances. I wished that they could consult these people and cultures whenever they made these choreographies..

Koreans really have way too much to learn. Even if you don't know the historical context of the black body, it's absolutely not something you can say to others so lightly. The very fact that that she thought it was something she's allowed to say, even the very fact that it is possible in a broadcast such a comment is shameful. Ah seriously... They're the worst

I know that this is only a trailer like homeshopping and that we need to wait for the full episode to watch it, and maybe what she said was actually different from what we're seeing, but she could've simply said something like "the opponent's strengths are so great that I had pressure and it was difficult for me to overcome her." I just hope that they didn't hurt each other

They were going on and on about "I can't see anything but Audrey's face, she's just a pretty face like a doll" and now they're insulting their physique too? At this point, I'm just too embarrassed that we've grown to the global scale. It's common in Korea to evaluate other people's faces and bodies, but for foreigners, it's really rude. It's an issue that could even sound like racism. Of course, Korean dancers are allowed to make mistakes with the comments they make, but these can easily be edited out during the broadcast process. What kind of disgrace is this... Production crews, if you want to add a 'global' twist to your program, prepare yourself with the appropriate attitude. This is really embarrassing.

While watching the broadcast, the lookism was way too severe. I got second hand embarrassment when they started talking about other people's body randomly like that. When Mina Myoung talked about how the "butt is hanging from the waist" I found it so rude, but the fact that it was still aired was even more shocking. Do you think that is a compliment?

The trailer 2:05

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1. This is why they should only stick with Korean teams

2. This is a species-specific thing about Koreans, they just can't help making these kinds of comments..

3. They kept going on and on about how pretty Audrey is and how her dance skills are such a reversal to her looks, it just makes them look like their consciousness is so low 

4. This is the problem about broadcasting companies. Why would you air stuff like that ㅡㅡ
of course the fact that they don't know that this is something problematic to say and air is the actual issue. 

5. I was so embarrassed to death when I saw this 

6. I also find it weird that all they talk about is Audrey's face all the time.. They can't even compliment her constructively, the fact that they're pushing this is just embarrassing 

7. It's just a broadcast that shows how severe our racism is...

8. Let's acknowledge it and do better next time..

9. They should've cut this from the broadcast

10. The moment I saw who were the contestants of SWF, I knew that they would use race as a diss when they battleㅋㅋㅋ

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