Popular girl group IVE An Yujin revealed a picture of herself taking a selfie with an iPhone. 

“Looking at celebrity selfies, I have trouble begging for an iPhone” (Parents)

“IPhone selfies of the hottest celebrities these days also affect sales” (communication official)

Samsung Electronics is suffering from the love of iPhones from famous celebrities who have a great influence on the younger generation, such as popular girl groups. In a situation where the younger generation is already leaning towards iPhones, famous celebrities are posting selfies taken with iPhones through SNS every day.

The popularity of foldable phones such as the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which was released to break the image of ‘Galaxy = Uncle/Granpa Phone’, can also be halved, raising Samsung’s concerns.

An Yujin of the popular girl group IVE posted a selfie photo of herself with her new bobbed hair style on social media. As much as the short-cut neat bob hair, what attracted many people's attention was the iPhone that An Yujin was holding.

Popular girl group BLACKPINK Jennie holding an iPhone. 

Even BLACKPINK members, who once worked as models for Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy, even revealed on social media how they were using iPhones after contract termination. After the contract expired, Jisoo, who worked as a Galaxy model, uploaded a selfie photo taken with an iPhone on SNS and said, “Wow, I changed it. New phone,  cute case.”

At the time, among netizens, reactions such as “ they witched to iPhone mercilessly after the Samsung contract ended” were poured out, and controversy continued.

Popular girl group NewJeans filming with an iPhone.

The iPhone advertisement of the popular girl group NewJeans caused a lot of talk and controversy.

The music video for NewJeans' new song "ETA" was completely plastered with iPhones. Members dance with their iPhones in their hands, and during the performance, they take pictures of the male protagonist with their iPhones. There are quite a few parents who say that their children who saw this are now troublesome because they're begging them to buy an iPhone.

The younger generation's preference for iPhone is getting worse. According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup Korea, among smartphone users in Korea, between 18~29 y'o 32% were Samsung Galaxy users and 65%  were iPhone users. There is also an analysis that the iPhone preference of famous celebrities is affecting the use of iPhone by the younger generation.

Regarding the increasing concentration of iPhone purchases among young people such as teenagers and 20s, Samsung Electronics President Roh Tae-moon also said, “It is not ideal/desirable to have a high preference at a certain age and fall from another age.” I am studying it,” he said.

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1. Then why don't they use the hottest celebrities as models too?

2. It just reads like some tearful article written by some trash journalist who vowed loyalty to Samsung 

3. Here they go again bullsh*tting about female celebrities

4. There's no way celebrities don't use iPhone mainly because of security reasons. Even if it's not perfect when you look at the case of BlackPink ..ㅜ They just have better security. Even the government and policemen are all switching their phones to iPhones now... I'm not saying that Galaxy have protection issues but this is something inherent of Android

5. I bought a Flip when I saw this..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. It's just because nowadays, the trend is to take selcas and you just don't get the same vibe from Samsung and iPhones.. iPhones ones are better

7. Stop blaming female idols and start by getting rid of your countrified designs ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just looking at the menu, it feels like I'm looking at my mom and dad's phone

8. Isn't it true that iPhone takes better photos?

9. But iPhones have consistently been popular ever since it was dropped though 

10. Samsung should make better designs then 

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