They keep uploading Reels of every other members and there are pictures of the other members going to work but Ahyeon hasn't appeared in any Reels after July 9th.
No Reels and no witness account of her on her way to work...
More than anything, she was the only one who didn't attend the BP concert... what's happening?

I went to check and July 15th was the last time she appeared in a Reels
I hope that she debutsㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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1. [+85, -4]
Unbelievable. The group will fail if she leaves

2. [+68, -6]
Are you sure that she just didn't get facial surgery?

3. [+52, -4]
Seems like she got surgery

4. [+30, -2]
Huh? Isn't she the center member?

5. [+23, 0]
Huh? No way... if Ahyeon leaves, the members' composition will be hopeless

6. [+17, -1]
So is that why their debut is getting pushed?

7. [+13, 0]
Seriously, if Ahyeon leaves, BaeMon will have no more future.. She's the post-Jennie

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