AKB48's sister group called UNLAME

However, they are being called "Pakuri" (T/N: Japanese slang for something plagiarized) because they are similar to IVE from their outfits to their poses.

The members are also very tall for a Japanese girl group.

Even the group logo is similar

What's worse is that even their title track's name is similar

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1. [+58, -2]
It's not just in Japan, there are so many countries from China, Thailand, etc. that are copying Korean groups. Every time I see them, I just find them so comparable to Korea. You can really tell that Koreans are good at making idols

2. [+46, -3]
They really have no senseㅋㅋ that's why Japanese groups are like that...

3. [+41, -2]
Just let them make fakes, they don't have Jang Wonyoung anyways

4. [+40, -3]
ㅋㅋ they just took Rei and Jang Wonyoung's poses

5. [+28, -6]
We also copied Japanese groups a lot in the past.... I think that it's just karma. But to be honest, I feel like out of the big 3 Asian countries, there is currently no one who can match Korea in terms of entertainment companies. Just look at the members composition... if you consider face, body frame and proportions, there is none of their groups who can even debut in Korea, let alone make it to Produce. 

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