He's the newly debuted RIIZE member from SM

Anton (Lee Chanyoung)

Anton: I walked up to the apex of Namsan just to eat hamburger... IU nuna, thanks for the shoes
> IU: what's up with the capture?...

They are close enough to joke with each other in the comments

IU followed him back (his account disappeared now)

There are a lot of people who are aware but Anton (Lee Chanyoung) is Yoon Sang's son
+ By the way, Yoon Sang's real name is Lee Yoon Sang

IU is so close to Yoon Sang that she calls him "dad"
She probably close with Yoon Sang's family too

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1. [+23, -2]
'Only I didn't Know' was a song from Yoon Sang no? It's a bop

2. [+17, -9]
Why do people try so hard to promote them by lumping them with other people??

3. [+16, -16]
Why are you pushing him so much? At first, I thought that he was handsome but he looks different in every picture

4. [+11, -6]
Viral marketing

5. [+2, 0]
I'm jealous, f*ck. I also want a celebrity dad

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