He's the only artist from SM who surpassed 100M streams this year
He's not even a vocalist and not the main vocalist either. This was achieved through a main dancer
He's seriously so amazing
Rover really hit daebak 

He also has the highest views on CHOOM this year as a solo 

There's also a foreign site called Leisure Byte that talked about soloist that outshined their groups

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1. [+19, -2]
I've left EXO's fandom and I'm simply going on memory lane with them from time to time but personally, it's true that this results is better than EXO's, there's no point in saying that other members died or whatnot

2. [+18, -2]
Kai is the most popular overseas, if you look at KPOP performances, like Love Shot, it feels like either they know all of EXO or they only know Kai 

3. [+17, -2]
Right now, I feel like none of the SM male solos are able to break any record. It's not just for solos, but even for EXO, their boy groups, isn't Rover triumphing over them all in terms of results?

4. [+16, -2]
If you look at the Tik Tok songs that were released in 2023, Rover is the #1 in terms of hashtags. It even entered Melon's TOP100. This is why we tried to tell them to not stop promoting it. But the company didn't want to work and sent Kai to the army 

5. [+14, -1]
Even in terms of advertisements, isn't Kai pretty much taking all of them? The only one who's a global ambassador for Gucci is Kai in SM. He also takes care of YSL Beauty, Bobbi Braun, Levis, BLACKYAK and Olive Young, his career isn't going anywhere. Honestly the industry all know his name and he has star factor

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