Because he came on Weverse live so many times this year, the fans have already memorized his house's layout just for fun. The interior of his house has already been revealed and if youlook at his videos, you can kinda see which is where. 

First of all, this is his house plan

In red: Interphone, Sofa, TV

If you watch, however, the video made by his saseng, you can see that it should've been shot where the blue arrow's angle was
But let's say we insist on the fact that it was shot from the angle of the red arrow

This would be the window where the red arrow angle would be 
However, if you look at the Naver Street View taken in April of this year, you can see that the window is completely different from that in the video.

So the house from Jungkook's video wasn't actually his house and the people on the sasaeng's video are totally different people. 
It's a crime to reveal videos like that of other people and this is a serious problem

+ No matter how many cases are considered, this dark tinted window cannot be explained in Jungkook's house.

The more I look at the window, the more unexplainable this tinted part is

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1. [+114, -6]
"BTS gallery ajummas were trying to build up this rumor and they know themselves that this is just a ruomor"
(screenshot: Let's build up Kkook's rumor "credibly" ㅋㅋ)

2. [+100, -7]
(talking about the Naver STreet View)

3. [+94, -5]
If you look at the video yourself you can tell that both faces were completely blurred? The video is artificially made, so is there a need to blur their eyes, nose and mouth so much?  Couldn't they at least try to make Jungkook look a bit more like himself? This is f*cking suspicious 

4. [+92, -5]
Nowadays, people always use China to "expose" idols with their sasaengsg, we need to make sure that we rid of them more seriously. It's so easy to fabricate anything with this kind of low quality video, If you look more closely to it, even the furnitures and angles are all different, there are so many proofs saying that this was fake. It's not like you can just change windows whenever you want, this is a completely different house 

5. [+87, -5]
There were already other group's fans caught chatting in China about creating a scandal with another woman 5 days before this video was uploaded. People were talking about how it'll be fake so to not believe anything that will come out. In fact, just like that warning said, there was another idol's sasaengs who blew this up. They said that there will drop rumors related to his solo albums and this is exactly what happenedㅇㅇ 

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