In the past, they used to have a lot of views and followers, but lately, their views have all dropped. Isn't this pretty severe?

(left: 2 yeasr ago, right: lately)

The issue is because their Tik Tok became boring 
If you just look at the feed, you can tell that it's all messy 
It feels like they're releasing videos not for the sake of Tik Tok, but they're releasing any videos and releasing videos with the same outfits, during the same day and a bunch in a row, ti doesn't even feel like these are meant for the fans

Nowadays, the fans seem displeased too 
Especially international fans, since they subscribe to Tik Tok a lot, they feel like it's a shame

There are more displeased comments here

I've tried writing down the most problematic parts

TXT's Tik Tok Planning

1. Stop uploading "series" of videos on Tik Tok 
- Who planned the ep. 1 --> ep.2 --> please look forward format? 
- Stop with the "Who are we meeting?" "What are we doing?"
- Give us complete videos wfor the bigegst impact

2. Stop mass producing Tik Toks like it's a factory
- Please stop shooting tons of video with the same outfit in a day
- Stop having the same content shot by different members too 
- Does Bighit pay them more for more videos? Stop with this mass production 

3. Tik Tok isn't all about advertisement but about fans inflow 
- It feels like because they have a lot of followers, all they do is use the for ads
- Please recognize that advertising is not going to draw fans in the account 

4. Please release content that are proper to Tik Tok/ReelsYoutube

5. *Most important* Give the Tik Tok back to the members
- It looks like the agency is power tripping on their Tik Tok lately and there's no appeal to it at all 
- Let TXT do whatever they want 

This is what I think of TXT's Tik Tok's lately, these are just my opnion, but I hope they stop releasing stuff that are not meant to be released for Tik Tok
Green: These are not meant for Tik Tok 
Yellow (Left -> right) 
- Tis is meant to be released longer on Youtube 
- They should've worn casual clothes for this 
- This is meant for Reels sorts
- This is meant for Reels shorts
- Is this the best thumbnail they could come up with?

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1. [+94, -4]
I seriously don't understand why they're doing this on Tik Tok, TXT's Tik Tok was one of the first Korean idols Tik Tok to receive an explosive response, but lately, their feed is one of the worst among KPOP idols, if they're going to do it like that, I'd rather them not post anything instead

2. [+90, -2]
Seriously please Bighit take into consideration the opinions of the fans a bit ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Tik Tok is all about what's funny or cool, something original, anways something that can make an impact in a short amount of time. Why are they suddenly releasing those behind videos and those serialized videos? ... And they also decreased the amount of challenges they do and the fans' expectations just dropped. If even the fans aren't watching their Tik Tok, who will? How can they expect to gain fans like that... In the past, I feel like they had a good team who could pick what was good, but nowadays, this is just frustrating to watch. They were able to show every member's charms and it was so well-done but now, they're just giving us disorganized mess and promotions for their songs. Their direction is getting weirder... The members are working so hard, but they're unable to make the members stand out. I'm not saying that their Tik Toks became meaningless, but if they didn't want to put any effort in them, in the future, it'll be better to just leave the Tik Tok to the members instead

3. [+86, -2]
I hate those "What are we doing?" "Where are we?" "What are we preparing?" types of videos. And they also shoot their behinds and other videos so long butㅋㅋㅋㅋ There's nothing to gain from watching them.. 

4. [+75, -4]
I'm not gonna say anyting too long, but if you look at their most viewed videos, you can straight up tell what the fans want no? Do they really need some amazing analysis skills?

5. [+73, -1]
Honestly, this isn't giving Tik Tok, but Youtube Shorts. I don't understand why I would go on Tik Tok to watch those. I feel like their previous team was good at managing their Tik Tok, but now I feel like it's just given to some mass production factories.. 

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