According to an exclusive report by Sports Seoul on September 21 KST, YG Entertainment and the members of BLACKPINK are in the final stages of negotiating a "separated-but-together" contract. 

First, the report claimed that Rosé was the only member who ultimately chose to renew with YG Entertainment. The other three members all turned down YG Entertainment's renewal offers, but expressed their intentions to continue BLACKPINK's group activities. 

The adjusted contract by YG Entertainment states that the members who are represented by outside labels will promote in BLACKPINK's group activities for 6 months out of a year. The three members are currently in the final stages of working out negotiations for this adjusted contract, said Sports Seoul. 

Furthermore, it's believed that Jisoo, who is expected to expand her acting career in the future, and Lisa, an unrivaled top star in the South Asian market, have both accepted exclusive contract offers worth tens of billions of KRW (in the ~$10 million USD range). Both Jisoo and Lisa, according to Sports Seoul, have decided to sign with South Korean companies for representation. 

Finally, the media outlet made no further mention of Jennie's predicted trajectory.

Meanwhile, during BLACKPINK's 'Born Pink' encore finale in Seoul on September 17, Jennie stated in front of fans, "We will continue to be the BLACKPINK you love," hinting at the group's intentions to stay together as a group.
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1. It's out?

2. What about Jennie?
> Looking at the article, it seems like Jennie left

3. Hul

4. I won't believe anything until I see the official statement

5. I thought that Jisoo would renew too... hul

6. Seeing an article like this, is it possible that the whole group will renew too??

7. 6 months out of a year isn't that bad though..?ㅋㅋㅋ

8. Even so, the fact that the members will be able to promote together for 6 months in a year is pretty good

9. But even if this was true and that the members were in different companies, it'd be nice since they can still promote together

10. I'll believe when the official news are out


On September 21, a representative from YG Entertainment told Newsen, "There is no confirmation regarding BLACKPINK's contract renewal and they are in talks." 

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1. No.... ha...

2. The statement came out pretty fast

3. ....

4. Phew~

5. The talks are lasting pretty long... Their heads must be hurting

6. That article wasn't official anyways so I was wondering why everyone believed it like it was the truth

7. Seriously, we should all wait until YG releases their official statement

8. Can the trolls screw off already?ㅜ

9. No but why did they call that article "exclusive"? Why disturb the people?

10. So it's still in the works

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