Will Baby Monster be able to debut by the end of autumn, as previously planned? According to reporter Yoon Sang Geun of Star News, the likelihood is low. 

The 7-member lineup for YG Entertainment's brand new rookie girl group Baby Monster was personally announced by head producer Yang Hyun Suk himself in May of this year. After confirming that Haram, Ahyeon, Rora, Pharita, Chiquita, Ruka, and Asa would be debuting together as Baby Monster, Yang Hyun Suk stated that the girl group's launch will take place by the end of autumn. 

It was even rumored in the Korean entertainment industry that YG Entertainment planned on launching Baby Monster in September, timed appropriately with the end of BLACKPINK's 7-year debut contract. 

However, the fact remains that Baby Monster's head producer, Yang Hyun Suk, is still undergoing trial for threatening a former idol trainee, 'A'.

In fact, Yang Hyun Suk personally attended a hearing at the Seoul High Court building on September 27 KST, the fifth and last hearing in his ongoing appeal trial. Yang Hyun Suk was originally found not guilty during his initial trial, and once again pleaded innocence at his most recent appeal trial hearing. 

The Seoul High Court is expected to issue a verdict on November 8. 

What does this mean for Baby Monster's debut? 

According to Star News, as of the last week of September, there are no concrete plans to set the new girl group's debut project in motion. This indicates the strong likelihood that YG Entertainment will not keep its word on the group's launch by the end of autumn; rather, it is more likely that the debut project will resume actively once Yang Hyun Suk's appeal trial concludes at the beginning of November.
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1. If Yang Hyunsuk left, they would've debuted on time

2. How far are they gonna push this?

3. Yang Hyunsuk again...

4. Why keep the kids hostage like that

5. ㅋㅋㅋ YG's always like that so..

6. Ha... I'm not even surprised

7. At this rate, the singers under YG are saints

8. But they originally said end of Sep ~ beginning of Octㄷ

9. What's wrong with them... the fact that they revealed everything but still pushed it back is fascinating

10. There's seriously nothing good about YG...

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