A, member of a boy group who was charged with forcibly mol**ting a same-sex member in the team was sentenced to probation in the second trial.

On the 7th, at the hearing of the 9th Criminal Division  of the Seoul High Court, the second trial was held for  A, who was charged with indecent assault.

On this day, the court ordered 2 years and 6 months in prison with 3 years probation, and 80 hours of SA treatment lectures, just like the first trial. [..]

From 2017 to 2021, A was accused of forcibly harassing member B of the same group several times in the dorm and practice room. A admitted to the charge of SA, but denied the charge of r*pe, saying, "I don't remember because I was drunk."

The court said during the first trial "B is feeling sexual discomfort and mental pain," but "A reflected on his mistakes and reached an agreement with the victim."

A withdrew from the team after the controversy.

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1. ?????????Probation????

2. Seriously the victim must feel horrible and wronged... Because they're from the same group, it's impossible to name the actual perpatrator without finding out who the victim is. And it's easy to deny SA if they're the same gender too. He's been victim of this for 6 years and the assailant is only getting 3 years probation?

4. Huh? Probation???????

5.The sentence is only probation? The victim is the only one losing here

6. Imagine being a victim of SA for 4 years and only getting 3 years probation...ㅋㅋ

7. Probation?

8. What's with the sentence? Probation?

9. ..?

10. They're insane for giving probation... 

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