[instiz] SM'S ROOKIE GIRL GROUP........

We don't know their face
We don't know their skills
I didn't go to their showcase, but from the people who went to the showcase, there's only been talks, no picture
Everyone is just boiling in anticipation right now, if these ages are real, I'll probably fangirl on them until I leave KPOP

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1. Wow I wonder how much prettier those god-babies will get noe... 

2. They're younger than I thought, I thought they'd be like aespa and RIIZE with no minors

3. 8 people???? The number is interesting 

4. Are these 8 members confirmed?
> If you look at the pictures on IG, they do seem like an OT 8 group 

5. They're freaking skinny 

6. I've read a bit of witness accounts from their showcase and people are saying that Jooeun is super talented, I'm looking forward

7. They must come out next year...

8. There's no Chinese right??
> There's someone from HongKong

9. Wow they give me NewJeans vibes

10. 08'er... I honestly can't adjust to this 

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