Baskin Robbins will continue to actively engage with K-POP fandom, starting with a collaboration with SM's seven-member boy group, RIIZE.

The new product comes with one personalized mini photo of each member.

A representative from Baskin Robbins said, "In order to actively communicate with K-POP fans and the MZ generation consumers, we are expanding our collaboration with SM's new boy group 'RIIZE' to collaborate with artists. We look forward to our first collaboration product with 'RIIZE', the 'Popping Star RIIZE' Ready Pack Mini, as well as various collaboration products that will be released in the future."

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1. ..... Why SPC... (T/N: A boycott of companies affiliated with SPC Group, Korea’s leading food company, has been gaining momentum after a 23-year-old worker died on the floor of a bread factory affiliated with SPC on Saturday. The disastrous event seems to have catalyzed citizens’ anger over the company’s continuous violations of labor rights, including illegal dispatches and unfair labor practices, despite it being a large company that produces and sells food products familiar to consumers. - source)

2. RIIZE is releasing so many photocards

3. This is their first collab after their debut and they are doing with SPC?

4. I won't be eating it

5. I wonder what kind of flavor it will be

6. Those are not photo cards... give us selcas. I feel like I've seen these pictures 500x already. Who is gonna buy this?

7. Why SPC?... what's worse is that those aren't even photo cards but just pictures

8. Why SPC?... SM is seriously thoughtless

9. I'm seriously so annoyed with SMㅠㅠㅠ why does it have to be SPC?

10. I can't feel any sincerity with those photo cards and because it's SPC, I'm not buying nor eating it

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