This was her outfit at the Korean National Police University's festival performance

- I'm begging Woollim Entertainment to change Kwon Eunbi's university festival outfits! Please respect your artists and protect them!

- I'm strongly recommending Woollim Entertainment to change Kwon Eunbi's cordi! The fans poured out complaints and worries about Eunbi's outfits ever since Waterbomb but she's looking more and more like a wreck even in university festivals now. If you want to protect your artists well, start listening to the fans' opinions!

- Woollim, give us feedback instead of not protecting your artist and sending her everywhere to perform 

- When are you going to change the cordi? I wouldn't even wear those as casual clothes because they're so short, when are you going to change the cordi who only dresses her provocatively?

[same comments as the 2nd one]

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1. But lots of female idols wear stuff like that, she's only getting sworn at because she has a glamorous body 

2. She looks way too provocative

3. But if you look at the number of retweets on those comments, it doesn't seem like an opinion that's this popilar 

4. She's getting sworn at because her body is good... She can wear whatever weird outfits she wants, it's not like she's a choding anymore, she's approaching her 30s 

5. It's only like this because her body is good..

6. But I can understand the fans wanting her to change outfits, she gets harrassed so much..

7. But the clothes aren't even pretty.. 

8. Hmm... That particular location is indeed a mismatch with that outfit... 

9. It's because her Waterbomb outfit actually matched the event that she's been getting all those responses, but it seems like the company will keep on dressing her that way. From a fan's perspective, of course they wouldn't be satisfied with the SA she's getting because of the cordi 

10. I find Eunbi super likable but I wonder why they always show her body like that ㅜ The SA she's getting is so annoying

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