Global pop star Ariana Grande, 30, enjoyed a date at Disneyland with married actor Ethan Slater, 31, with whom she shares screen time in the movie Wicked.

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1. Ah......

2. She had a story of snatching other women's boyfriends ever since her Victorious days. I think that she's impressive for wanting to live this life. Is being crazy about men her best output?

3. I'm not too informed but wasn't she engaged..?
> She even got married..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they're in the process of getting a divorce

4. Divorce.....??????? I feel like she just got married

5. Ariana is someone that should never get married

6. I don't know Ariana Grande that well but this is so different from her image... also, she's not even done with her divorce process, also why do this with a married man?....

7. Both of them are just.... ㅋㅋ

8. Ariana seriously never changes. All her relationships were made through cheating

9. What's wrong with her? Seriously...

10. No surprised....


2013: Jai Brooks (pictured above) has reported that Ariana is cheating on him with Nathan Sykes (pictured below) that she was cheating on him with Nathan Sykes.
They broke up and she started dating Nathan.

In the same year in 2013: Rumors spread that Ari was the reason Mac Miller broke up with his longtime girlfriend Nomi. In 2018, Naomi revealed on her blog that Ari and Mac Miller had another affair in 2016.

2016: Naya Rivera reveals in her book that Big Sean had an affair with Ari in 2014. She says that when she went to Big Sean's house and Ari was there.

2018: Rumors spread that Ari had an affair with Pete Davidson while he was dating Mac Miller. In 2020, then-girlfriend Cazzie David revealed that she caught Ari and Pete cheating on Instagram

2019: TMZ (a website like South Korea's Dispatch) reports that Ari and Big Sean were allegedly getting cozy in the studio while Big Sean was dating Jhene Aiko.

2020: Dalton Gomez's ex-girlfriend takes to Instagram to fuel rumors that Dalton had an affair with Ari

2023: And the biggest scandal right now is that Dalton and Ari are getting a divorce. Ethan Slater and his wife Lily Jay are high school sweet hears and have been dating for over 10 years and even got married and had a child.

Ethan and Ariana shoot a movie together and Lily went on the film set and brought her son there. Ari even hugged their son saying "I also want to have a family like that in the future". (Speculations about her having an affair with Ethan started)

Lily didn't know anything and Ethan suddenly announced his plans to divorce her.

The man is the biggest assh*le here but the reason why Ari is getting hate is because cheating rumors aren't foreign to her and the fact that she's having an affair right now is even more controversial.

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1. She's ill at this point

2. Why does she choose to live like that?

3. Looks like she's into men who are taken

4. She's crazy about men

5. She has issues... There are people who are like that. They take interest on people who are taken and they have fun being like that

6. Being crazy about men is seriously an illness

7. She's ill. Stop dating and go get treated

8. She keeps snatching guys who are already taken. That's an illness

9. I'm not trying to hate on her, but at this point, she has mental issues

10. Their divorce was confirmed??? I thought it was all rumors until now

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