[teens stories] ROSE'S IMAGE IS SO GOOD

She has a up-right and feminine image? She is scandal-free and treats everyone around her so well...I like Rose so much

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1. [+67, -8]
Rose's family is living in Australia and for a foreigner, rumors easily spread about them in the Korean community. But as for Rose, she doesn't have one bad rumor.. Her parents act like parents and her unnie acts like an unnie and they all have good reputations. Especially her unnie, they said that she was even more popular than Rose. She's good at studying, pretty and has a quiet personality... Rose is also kind, good at singing and sincere

2. [+58, -11]
Freaking pretty and luxurious

3. [+46, -4]
Same day, different picture

4. [+41, -5]
For real, Rose is so pretty, kind and her connections are amazing. Even without bragging about her, she's a badass... I wanna live my next life as Roseㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+37, -2]
The aura in the picture is so pretty...

6. [+26, -1]
Her personality itself just looks so good.... I looked up a few videos of hers and she seemed so pure and quiet

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