Actress A used to communicate a lot with her fans on IG live
She receives questions on one of the stories she posted and usually answers them through her IG live
A is single and she never had any public dating rumors, she also never revealed she was married
(because A is the victim here, I will not reveal her name) 

- When are you getting pregnant?
- Are you planning to be pregnant in 2024?

However she kept receiving pregnancy questions on her stories
(t/n: she reads and receives the questions in real-time when she's doing her IG live) 
The fans seeing her lives usually all think that these are trolls so they would just report those comments

"arassment and bullying are unacceptable and against our Community Guidelines. We will send you a notification when your report is reviewed. Thank you for helping make Instagram a safe and warm community."

However, whenever you report people on IG, the people that you follow and who are on that list of "reported accounts" will also appear ^^
And both Kim Hieora and Lee A-jin asked her those questions ^^
That's how A's fans a got to learn that Kim HIeora and Lee A-jin who are both her coworkers were the ones who were asking those pregnancy questions

I don't think that making jokes among super close actor would be considered SA
but no one would've known about it if they were done in private
Doing this on a live broadcast when the fans can all see and repeating those 'pregnancy' questions is considered bullying 
(Because A has ignored all the pregnancy related questions on her live all this time) 

And what's even more annoying is that Kim Hieora and Lee A-jin both contributed to a work called "Yujin and Yujin"(?)
(The main characters in the work are victims of SA as children, and it is a story of overcoming this)
It's disappointing to see that they both participated in the work and still have no gender sensitivity

Kim Hieora said from her side that she will be suing because of unfair treatment but the proofs are already out so I think she better apologizes

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1. Even as a joke these aren't the types of jokes you should be making 

2. ?????????????

3. Are they insane?

4. Their personalities are truly sh*tty 

5. Huh??????

6. That's expected from an iljin (Kim Hieora is accused on being an iljin in the past) 

7. Huh? Why would you joke about pregnancy...? And she's even doing that to an unmarried person

8. People don't change easily 

9. ..... People can't fix themselves
Of course asking an unmarried person and joking about when they'll get pregnant is considered SA 

10. Hul.. 

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