More reports have surfaced regarding the contracts of BLACKPINK members.

On September 25, News1 reported that Jennie and Jisoo have each established their own individual agencies. According to the report, the members are still discussing with YG Entertainment regarding group activities, and their own agencies will be mostly for their individual activities.

In response to the report, YG Entertainment commented, “Nothing has been confirmed regarding BLACKPINK’s contract renewals and their future activities.”

YG Entertainment gave a similar statement last week regarding the members’ contract renewals.
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1. Congrats on leaving YG

2. A individual company is pretty unexpected

3. They obviously chose this knowing the consequences

4. They have all the rights to leave

5. I feel like even if all 4 of them left, they would still be successful... I'm not worried

6. Seems like they couldn't agree on YG's contract terms. I hope that they can find a good agency later on

7. Wow YG is losing BP

8. This is way better than stayig in YGㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. So the report saying that Rose was the only one who renewed was true

10. Imagine how bad YG is at doing their work that 2 BP members left like that


Amid reports that Blackpink members Jennie and Jisoo are planning to start their own agency, YG Entertainment has released an official statement stating that nothing has been finalized.

On September 25, YG told Newsen that "nothing has been finalized regarding the renewal of BLACKPINK's contract and their future activities," in response to reports that Jennie and Jisoo are establishing a one-person agency.

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1. They keep saying that things are under discussion and pushing back their statement. At this point, they really couldn't get ahold of them

2. Having a one-person company is way better than staying in YG

3. Why do they keep denying everything all the time?ㅋㅋ

4. Seeing how they keep denying every day, the news must be true

5. So they weren't able to renew with them..

6. BaeMon hasn't even debuted yet and they can't even negotiate BP's contract renewal either... YG is missing on their timing with everything

7. So Rose was the only one who renewed...

8. Even in a one-person company, at Jennie and Jisoo's level, this will barely affect their career. I think that they'll do well, right??

9. Seems like they couldn't get them to renew

10. How long are they gonna push this back?

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