[theqoo] BOYNEXTDOOR 'WHY...'

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1. The song and the MV was so good, I think they'll hit a bit bigger
But the diction looked a bit too autotuned

2. The song is indeed good and the rap member in the middle was freaking good 

3. Oh this album is good too 

4. The song is good and the MV smelled like moneyㄷㄷ

5. The MV was so well-shot, the song is good too 

6. The guitar sounds so good

7. The cordi is doing such a good job ㅋㅋ This cordi really draws your attention in

8. I feel like they'll hit more and more daebak in the future

9. BOYNEXTDOOR fighting 

10. Wow the song totally reminds me of a 2nd gen song, it's so hip.. 

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