"The reason why I didn't see you guys often was because I thought about a lot of things, uh........ and I don't know if I can say it right now but I wanted to coldly re-assess myself. If felt like a closed training. It feels like I'm learning things again for the first time. I fel tmany things while doing solo activities in March. 

Realistically, I'm so, so lacking, I can't go on like this... I can't do this. I thought a lot about this. I thought a lot about feeling embarrassed, and it wasn't about being nervous or problems with my spirit, or anything like that, I was just lacking. Rather than compensating for those things, I wanted to do something from scratch again. Actually, I don't think I've ever done something like this where I wanted to start from scratch.

when I think about it now, they were all just excuses. I was lazy. And I've had time to work on songs and I really felt how I am doing things from afresh again with practice. I'm like, "Why haven't I been doing things this way until now? That wasn't practice. I actually was aware of that. And I realized those things very coldly.

But what can I do now? I can't get frustrated, I can't just stop. I have to try, all over again. I wanted to change, to come back and show you my performance with confidence. I am working hard to do it alone." 

He probably knows that if he mentioned this now, despite the scandal happening a few months back, that people will start talking about his scandal again but I find it fascinating that he addressed something that could just be overlooked. I realized that this mentality is the reason why he's a celebrity so I decided to write this post.

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1. I'm not even a fan and I just know their representative songs, but when a person speaks, don't turn it off and listen to it. Besides, there are so many fans who would be happy to hear what he had to say, so what's wrong with what he said? He said he was going to work harder in the future, what's so bad about that?

2. The comments here give me goosebumps;; he said that he was gonna improve so why are people treating him like this?... Just look at our society right now? Is there anyone who's perfect and who has never made a mistake? Also, if he didn't work hard up until now, he wouldn't be called a "stage master" and wouldn't have any fans...

3. That's cool

4. Honestly, I was so disappointed in that encore stage, because it wasn't worthy of the "BTS" title he had. But if I were him, I would have been ashamed because everyone in the world knows about it, so I wouldn't even be able to mention it because of the shame. If I mentioned it with my own mouth, I would have been criticized again, and it would have been very painful for me. I think it's very cool that he doesn't hide, doesn't try to evade, and doesn't run away from it. He doesn't have to mention, it. But he still faced it head-on. It must have been really hard to admit his shortcomings and expose them in front of so many people, but I believe that if he has that kind of courage, he will definitely improve greatly. I should try to change my shortcomings immediately too.

5. I can really tell that he's trying to lead a hard working life so Jiminie, fighting! I support you!

6. His mindset is pretty good. From a muggle's point of view, there are so many celebrities who would just never talk about it so even as a non-fan, this makes me want to support him. His insides look pretty sturdy

7. He's cool. It's not easy to admit your own faults and want to improve them. He's seriously a cool person

8. I support Jimin's improvements in his future solo activities

9. To be honest, his encore stage was disappointing but this touched me and I really want to support Jiminie. He was cool for this. I'll work hard on myself too

10. To be honest, I never cared about him but this kind of mindset is impressive. People might think that he's just doing the obvious but it's not an easy thing to do given his position

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