- It recorded the biggest box office this year (#2 was Super Mario that recorded $1.36 B)
- It's the 15th biggest box office in all times (they are expecting it to end at the 14th spot)
- This is the most successful movie made by a female director
- The OSTs What Was I Made For?, Dance The Night and Barbie World are all getting good results

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1. The movie was so so fun, Hi Barbie~🩷

2. Margot Robbie is too pretty. The story was way better than Elemental

3. Barbie was the best

4. It was f*cking fun

5. I also enjoyed it. Realizing how Ken is supposed to be portraying girls in reality made me reflect about it even more

6. It was fun and such a good movie too

7. To be honest, the story was just whatever but the music and cinematography was so goodㅋㅋ It's surprising that it's been blowing up so muchㅋㅋ

8. It was a bit boring but the cinematography was beautiful and the OSTs were good

9. I watched over a thousand movies in my life and I don't think that it was that well-made

10. It was freaking fun. I knew that it would blow up since Barbie kinda became a meme. It's a shame that Korea was so salty and ruined the momentum for the movie though..

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