The styling, which is reminiscent of a bikini top or bra top, led some to call it a "school uniform bra top," a bizarre term, and praised Hwasa's unconventional style.

However, the public's reaction was cold. Even though Hwasa is a confident and self-assured artist, it was pointed out that the s*x*alization of school uniforms crossed the line.

Furthermore, in this song, which has the message, "I will cherish and love my body, which is the most precious thing in the world but is easy to forget," Hwasa performs choreography that emphasizes her body even more. Not only Hwasa, but the female dancers also raised eyebrows with their racy performances in cropped shirts and short skirts.

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1. How old was Britney's song?ㅋㅋㅋ in other words, it was also criticized back in the days. Let's just not mess with minors' clothes

2. She always does excessive things

3. Students nowadays just look so mature that it worries me a bit. If she does this kind of performance in school uniforms, the p*rvs will always get crooked thoughts every time they look at them so I'm worried.

4. People who are saying "so what? She's doing an homage to Britney" are oba. Britney got so much hate back then too. She got into a controversy for s*x*alizing school uniforms + p*d*philia

5. I wish that she'd be more careful after her controversies... this is a school uniform..

6. It's KB so of course she's gonna wear a school uniform

7. I get that the concept of this show is a school concept but this is a bit meh

8. Do you guys know how long it's been since Britney debuted?... just how much has the moral sense evolved since then...

9. She's not wearing that because it's KB, that's her comeback outfit

10. It's true that her outfit is similar to Britney's but Britney also got a lot of hate

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