Tennis player Kwon Soon Woo has come under fire for his unsportsmanlike behavior, which has also sparked controversy for his public lover, Wonder Girls' Yubin.

World No. 112 Kwon Soon Woo lost 1-2 (3-6 7-5 4-6) to world No. 636 Kassidit Samrej (22-Thailand) in a men's singles match at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Friday.

Kwon Soon Woo returned to action in August after injuring his shoulder, but has lost six straight matches since his return.

According to Hong Kong's South China Morning Post (SCMP), Kwon smashed his racket repeatedly on the court after the match was over.

Even after his racket was smashed, he hit a chair twice with his racket, packed up his things, and then picked it up again and slammed it down on the court.

The winner, Samrej, flicked his racket and walked up to Kwon as he was packing up his things and offered to shake his hand, but Kwon ignored him. Samrej then turned around, waved to the crowd and bowed his head in greeting.

Kwon's behavior quickly went viral on Chinese social media. On Weibo, China's version of Twitter, the topic has been viewed more than 6 million times, the SCMP reported.

After Kwon Soon-woo's unsportsmanlike behavior went viral, his girlfriend, Wonder Girls' Yubin's account was also bombarded with hate comments.

"You're not getting beaten up, are you? I'm worried," "Just be in the dating phase and sort it out. It's not a a fixable behaviour," "Yubin, please run awayㅠㅠ," "I don't know what will happen to you if you stay with such a big controversial tennis player," "Your boyfriend broke his racket," and "Run away, Yubin, have a safe and happy farewell."

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1. This is her chance to thank her ancestors

2. I was wondering why Yubin and turns out, he's her boyfriend...

3. I understand that she's dating him because it's her choice and this does make me frown but Yubin-ah, let's only stay in the dating phase

4. Going to Yubin's Insta is freaking ova... of course she's dating him knowing the consequences. Breaking your racket over a loss is more common than you think. However, declining the hand shake was a lack of manners

5. Why do people flood to celebrities' Instagrams to leave hate comments every time something happens? Seriously..

6. Seriously, if I were her parents, I'd never let her date him

7. He's a 97-liner..? I'm shocked..

8. I'm worried about whether she'll be able to leave if she wants to break up with him

9. Run away...

10. Making a fuss... it's true that this was unsportsman-like and he was in the wrong but telling Yubin to leave him and going to her Instagram to leave those comments is crossing the line... Yubin can take care of her own relationship

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