Hello. This is Lee A Jin.

I’m writing a post to explain the controversy that has been surrounding me.

In 2021, my colleague “B” was about to get married. To congratulate her, our friends had gathered and it was there that we did talk about her plans for children.

As such, all of the people at the gathering naturally talked about their own plans, and colleague “A” also wanted to create a family just like “B.” They talked about how it would be good to have kids around 3 years later, in 2024.

A few days after that talk happened, “A” uploaded a story on Instagram using the “Q&A” function. I thought that only the person who uploaded the original story could see who sent the question, and I left a single question for “A,” asking if she had plans for pregnancy in 2023. I received a personal message from “A” about this.

But as she answered the questions through an Instagram Live, the viewers at that point of time could actually see who sent the questions, and both “A” and I had no idea about this.

I think that if you didn’t know the context, and only saw my question, there would be chance for misunderstanding.

It is my carelessness for not recognizing that the platform could be open to public, and talking about private matters there.

However, I did not aim to hurt “A,” and I hope that you know that I did not mean to publicize our conversation.

As a performer, I’ve come to [perform] from many different perspectives about society, and about many different people’s stories. Hence, I always keep close to heart, just how dangerous thoughts and actions can be, if you overlook such points.

My heart feels heavy, thinking that those who came to watch my performances on their precious time, or those who felt comfort through my performances, may feel that the time spent with me was in vain.

I will act more carefully such that no such misunderstandings happen in the future.

Thank you for reading my long post.

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1. No butㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's using the same techniques that bullies who are tormenting other people would use at school 

2. ㅎ... We can all see her intentions though 

3. But why would you still write something like that to an unmarried person?

4. Who actually believed her?

5. If you're an adult, stop living like a thug. Do you still have fun laughing between yourselves at other people's torment?

6. No but why would you even ask about pregnancy to an unmarried woman?...That's just disgusting 

7. The fact that she thought that her question wouldn't be published and that it would've been only A  seeing is even worse

8. This makes no sense ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That's not something you should even ask in the first place

9. I can see how they play together on a daily basis 

10. This doesn't clarify a single thing 

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