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Recently, Loossemble's Yeojin and Vivi had a livestream with their fans
They were talking about a diet story that happened 

"- There was a time when we were working hard to diet
- and they threw away all~ the food in our refrigerator
- do you remember unnie?
- for example, I ate an hamburger back then
- I ate it 1 month prior (to the event in story)
- but they found the receipt of that hamburger in an outfit I wasn't wearing
- but that was the start of HELL
- they yelled "everyone come out!"
- and took everything out of our povkets
- and they threw everything inside our fridge, even the sugar and salt
- vitamins and red ginseng... everything that could be eaten (were all thrown away)
- (we could only eat) 2 eggs and half of an apple per day"

Wow.... seriously, seeing this makes me realize that not everyone can become idols

Ah by the way, Loossemble is a group consisted of LOONA's Hyunjin, Vivi, Yeojin, Gowon and Hyejoo who redebuted

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1. Back then, kids just needed to be skinny but now, they need to look both skinny and healthyㅋ if someone is skinny but has no muscles, people will start to nitpick again

2. No matter how little you eat, eating 2 eggs and half an apple is way too oba?

3. How can someone even survive eating like that?

4. Why would they even throw away things like vitamins and red ginseng?

5. They already eat so little but they are even throwing away their supplements??

6. Yeojin said that she was 151 cm and weighted 33 kg...ㅠㅠ

7. Shouldn't they make sure to eat supplements though? ㅜㅜ

8. And they have to work so hard to dance. This doesn't make sense

9. If they eat this little, they will still get the yo-yo effect...

10. I think that their case was pretty severe. It's not as bad nowadays

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