[Notice] Information related to RIIZE OFFICIAL FANCLUB.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the fans who have been cheering for RIIZE's debut.

Amidst a lot of support from fans, RIIZE announced their official fan club name upon their debut on September 4th (Mon).

We introduced the fan club name to SUNZ, which fans voted for the most, but there are many opinions from fans who are unintentionally concerned that SUNZ may sound negative, so SUNZ's positive meaning of growing together with RIIZE is distorted.

All the fans who support RIIZE are called a name with a positive meaning, and since we want to portray that we want to grow together as a meaning for the fanclub name, we decided to change the fanclub name to 'BRIIZE', which received the most votes in the next ranking. We ask for your kind understanding.

The start of RIIZE OFFICIAL FANCLUB 'BRIIZE' will be officially serviced from September 12th (Tuesday),
We will inform you about RIIZE's activities through the official fan club, so please pay a lot of attention to RIIZE OFFICIAL FANCLUB “BRIIZE”.

Thank you

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1. BRIIZE is way better! 

2. I was only reminded of the Rising Sun at first, it's nice that they changed it 

3. I thought that SUNZ was so cute ugh..

4. They have a Japanese member and there's no need to attract more right flag speculations ㅋㅋㅋ

6. Reading the comments here, I realize they would've gotten into such a huge controversy if they never changed it 

7. But the "Rising sun" just means a sun that is rising in normal people term, why are people straight up thinking of the right wing rising sun? Just because that's the way Japanese people are using it means that we need to be careful with the way we use the term too?


9. They did well changing it 

10. They were freaking quick ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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