NewJeans' maknae Hyein - She doesn't really have that maknae vibe. She's mature and takes care of things herself so she's growing up well doing things by herself. Instead, Hanni is the one getting babied 

IVE's maknae Leeseo - She doesn't really try to appeal through her maknae position but the members voluntarily baby her a lot

Le Sserafim's maknae Eunchae - Her identity is the most maknae-like. If you think about the "maknae" of the 4th gen idols, you'd think of Eunchae. To be honest, she's the oldest maknae out of the New-I-Le line but she really likes to be treated prettily

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1. [+185, -7]
I feel like Hyein is really growing up well. She's a baby full of baby fat but she's being cautious not to be a nuisance to her unnies as the maknae

2. [+172, -80]
Actually, everything needs to be done in moderation... I won't name the person I'm thinking about

3. [+161, -14]
I think it can't be heled because there's a 8 years age gap between the oldest and youngest in Le Sserafim. IAnd there are 3, 5 and 6 years difference between her and the other members... so they can't help but treat her like the maknae

4. [+155, -12]
What's unique about NewJeans is that there's not really a specific member that gets babied

5. [+142, -143]
Eunchae is trying too hard to appeal with her maknae title so it's just cringe. The unnies are kind and easy-going so they are putting up with her

6. [+64, -2]
NewJeans just all seem like same-aged friends. Le Sserafim has big age gaps so maybe that's way?

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