I thought they they'd enter top 10 for sure with a new song
It didn't enter the chart when it was released but it stayed for some time later at #100; I'm freaking shocked

"League of Legends" girl group KDA's gust of wind, 'POP/STARS' enterst in the top 5 of Bugs chart

KDA's song POP/STARS rose to #6 on the 6th on Melon 

In the past, the same collab with G-idle was done and they entered both the US + Europe charts
Of course they entered Melon's top 10 and even reached #1 on the daily chart

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1. [+78, -8]
...? That's just a game OST, what new song? I thought they came back 

2. [+49, -6]
NewJeans didn't come back, this is just a game OST, why are people looking at their results? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You guys sure are obsessed even down to their event song~ And the comments talking about other groups, cut it down ^^ we fans know that you're just there to bash on both NewJeans and IVE

3. [+36, -5]
Kids, don't feed the troll, the kids who are mentioning other groups here aren't NewJeans fans either. They just want other people to say stuff like "Bunnies are this and that" in the futureㅋㅋㅋ And NewJeans simply released a game OST, why are people overreacting ㅠ

4. [32, -5]
The comments dragging IVE aren't NewJEans fans ,and this is a game song. The reactions is actually better overseas

5. [+19 ,-1]
They really try to make NewJeans look like a flop every dayㅋㅋ They consider Zero Cola as a new song, a A Time Called You's remake a new song, and now a game song a new song too ㅋㅋ You guys are pitiful

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