She only promoted for 2 days before she released a song that was already out for 1 year, and it's also just a fan song. Do those results even make sense.. 
It's also in the upper half of the domestic digital chart now

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1. [+33, -5]
That part of the You & Me performance video was so good that I watch it everyday... 

2. [+29, -9]
Seirously Jennie's star factor and buzz factor cannot be topped by anyoneㅋㅋ She released this song 1 year ago with no promotions until 2 days before they dropped the song, when we all learned about itㅋㅋ But she's still able to break new records with it. She's impressive

3. [+27, -5]
She needs to release a solo album. I've been holding back f*cking too much

4. [+26, -5]
This was supposed to be an event song and it's looking like that?

5. [+21, -2]
Please release a full album already 

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