Jennie didn't have a single promotion and it was just a fan song, but it entered the charts at 60th and now it's still moving up. Meanwhile Jihyo didn't even enter the charts and fell to the 400th. You can tell that BlackPink is indeed the wall 

Jennie will definitely enter top 10 within a day 

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1. [+60, -23]
BlackPink is the one top in Korea and overseas. Of course comparing them with Twice is going to show how severe the gap is 

2. [+55, -17]
Not only Jihyo, but when you look at solos aside from BlackPink's and Hwasa's solos, nobody is doing well once they leave their groups... 

3. [+38, -10]
They had a few seconds of cuts from the 2 days at Gocheok dome. Girl groups is all about seizing the general public, but they have both public and core fans. They can compete against A list male idols and of course their chart entry is always high 

4. [+23, -9]
You can't even compare Nayeon with Jennie so why would you compare Jihyo..?

5. [+23, -20]
The way the flop-JYP fans are trying to step on their class is freaking funny. Jennie didn't promote her song once and this is also a fan song. Meanwhile she'll reach the top10 in the daily chart

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