t/n: golden spoon = wealthy family, dirty spoon = poor family 

A family of 5 lived in a small 15 pyeong rental house.
So he was a freaking dirty spoon, this is why he couldn't even afford to wear braces when he was young
He was so poor, even for his vocal academy, he had to pay it himself with the money he made from his part-time job

When you look at his house, you can tell there's nothing much to it 

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1. [+523, -12]
No matter how ugly you think Sohee is, bashing him for being poor is crossing the line 

2. [+402, -3]
It's because of people like you that I have lost hope in humanity. Do you think that being a dirty spoon is something to be mocked for? People are becoming so scary lately 

3. [+353 ,-5]
I don't like Sohee either, but talking about his household financial situation is too much. Why do you have an issue with him living his life just fine, becoming a trainee at that age and succeeding in his dream of debuting?

4. [+294, -2]
No matter how much you dislike him, talking about his family situation that's not even disclosed yet is honestly crossing the line... 

5. [+278, -8]
Who cares whether you're a golden spoon or a dirty spoon, as long as you sing well, it's all that matters. It's also my first time seeing someone getting bashed for being a dirty spoon 

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