There's just nothing that excites me from watching him on stage.. He has a hansdome face and he's tall, so he's popular. But that's not the same type of popularity that idols who know how to dance and sing would get. He's only popular because of his face and his physique.. 
And people might go "idols are all about their faces" or some bullsh*t like that
But I'm telling you that this is not all.. Being an idol is a job, and right now, Anton sucks at his job, which is just facts. I don't even understand why people are going after Sohee now

+ I'm only talking about his performance skills. So what's the point of bringing in his personality, him in his content, his innocence, or other members' personalities
If you're going to shield him, at least acknowledge that he's talentless

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1. [+104, -11]
It's true that compared to the other members in the group, he's talentless. But his skills are only one part of it, his past is clean and his relation with the other members is good so I like him 

2. [+101, -10]
I honestly have to agree that he's talentless.. But still, he does whatever is given to himㅜㅜ

3. [+94, -35]
Sungchan also used to be so talentless, once they gain seniority, they'll be better

4. [+72, -21]
Anton is talentless, but he's in charge of drawing all the fans in 

5. [+66, -2]
I can kind of agree that he's talentless right now, but if he keeps promoting, he'll gain  some talents.. 

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