t/n: Jo Hyun Ah is the singer from Urban Zakapa

Before getting into Sunmi's side,
Currently, Jo Hyun Ah is in conflict with Abyss

The company released on their official IG with all the singers to celebrate Chuseok on a picture but they only omitted Urban Zakapa

"Wow we're not even there ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You could've at least told us ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

Jo Hyun Ah was so speechless because she wasn't made aware of this so she left a comment and the fans learned about the situation 

"Hello, this is ABYSS Company. 

We have an announcement about our artists, Kwon Sunil and Park Yongin, in regards to the special Chuseok content. 

Based on the fact that Jo Hyun Ah is no longer a part of ABYSS Company following her contract termination, we decided it would be difficult to include URBAN ZAKAPA as a whole group in the picture. 

Therefore, the content was created excluding Kwon Sunil and Park Yongin. We understand this has caused a great deal of concern for the fans who love and support URBAN ZAKAPA. We sincerely apologize. 

We also regret that we proceeded with the photo shoot without talking to the URBAN ZAKAPA members about it first. 

We have reached out to the group and apologized to them, explaining what had happened. Again, we’re sorry for the issue. 

We assure you that, going forward, we’ll do better."
Cr. Koreaboo

"Oh so because you sound like you're apologizing, I should accept this apology.... This kinda feels like intimidation, I feel coerced [to accept it]...ㅜㅠ"

Then instead of releasing the apology on their company IG, the company decided to release it onn Urban Zakapa's IG and of course, Jo Hyun Ah had something to say

Meanwhile, Sunmi released a picture with everyone except Urban Zakapa
Maybe she released it before the apology was out, so Jo Hyun Ah left a comment like that

"Since Abyss didn't give any answers, based on their statement, I learned that they have terminated my contract. 

I tried to honor the remaining contract, but more than 600 days have passed since I was unable to tour nationwide.
I sent the demo for my album, but they took a long time... They didn't release it in the end, which made me wonder if they wanted to send Urban Zakapa under a hiatus?

Also, during the last congratulatory event, the members and I took a taxi to travel because there was no support staff. Since we've been doing this often, I am also curious about the expenses.

Abyss said that their family photo was done on purpose like that in their statement, 
so was bullying originally allowed in the contract that I signed?

If not an album... Just a concert, or an event.. Please give us at least something
I want to promote Urban Zakapa

We've been friends since middle school, so why are you trying to stop us from making music?ㅜㅜ

If that wasn't the intention

I would appreciate it if you could make an official statement, apology, release plan, activity plan, concert plan, whether on the official account or anywhere else, CEO nim.

Just because you make a lot of money doesn't mean you're a singer. You're only a singer if you're under Abyss. Urban Zakapa was all under Abyss, and as of today, my contract has ended, so I hope you don't neglect the remaining members and I hope you treat them well according to the standard contract.

Two Urban Zakapa members are someone's sons."

And right now after she releaed this story, she unfollowed Sunmi. 
For reference, Jo Hyunah is the one who introduced Sunmi to that company

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1. [+205, -16]
I have to support Jo Hyun Ah in this..  Seriously she got bullied by the company which is the most curel thing. Especially in an entertainment company

2. [+201, -11]
Jo Hyun Ah deserves to feel treated unfairly in this but Sunmi isn't at fault here. Even if she unfollows Sunmi, the hurt she felt from that company will not get resolved. She knows clearly that people would talk about it and after her judgment, she still decided to unfollow Sunmi. You might think "Urban Zakapa has 2 other members too so why is Jo Hyun Ah the only one mad?" the 2 other members are under renewal discussions with the company, of course they don't want to create any trouvle right now, Jo Hyun Ah isn't part of that company anymore, so she can talk as much as she wants. She treasures her team and they've been promoting for so many years together already. Of course she'd feel hurt if the company treated her like that..

3. [+186, -10]
Did you guys not read what Jo Hyun Ah say in her story? Her contract still has time left so she's technically still supposed to be under contract. They took that picture within her contract time without any of the Urban Zakapa members, no matter how you look at it, they should've at least talked to the Urban Zakapa members and shoot that picture after. Meanwhile, Jo Hyun Ah has been requesting the company to let her release albums, let her perform, etc but the company didn't let them promote anything. Of course Jo Hyun Ah deserves to feel hurt here. And even if the company wasn't planning on renewing Jo Hyun Ah's contract, there were still time left to the contract that they should've respected. Terminating her contract because of this controversy ahead of time was shameful 

4. [+168, -10]
Huh? She must feel so betrayed. She's the one who introduced Sunmi to the company meanwhile, she's the one left out 

5. [+!47, -8]
Isn't this considered bullying? I'll skip on that company

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