My wife is very frugal. 
To put it in a good way, she is frugal. 
But in reality, she is extremely stingy.
She is the kind of woman who can't even spend a 100 won in a heartless manner (t/n: arount 7 cents), saves money, and has been keeping her own spending book for several years.

I grew up with wealthy parents from a young age, so I had no sense of finances. 
I never once worried or had concerns about money until I got a job.

However today, when I got off work, she was so ecstatic about earning 13,000 won ($9.5) by selling small household items at Carrot Market
But, I told her "We earn so much money in a month, stop with those useless things and take care of the kids" and raised my tone. Then my wife started arguing

I ended up saying, "Stop making it so obvious that you grew up poor" and my wife went into her room crying and it was only then that I realized I had been harsh and I apologized, but I still haven't resolved it

How can I get her forgiveness?

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1. Why did you even go there...

2. Seriously what a mean person, your heart is rotten 

3. It's because as you go on, the differences in economic standings will creep out.. 
Your wife will live with these words for the rest of her life. Because what's done has already been done. There's no going back 

4. I want to slap his stomach so badly 

5. What forgiveness? You've already hurt her, the fact that you want forgiveness is just selfish 

6. Wowㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That was harsh 

7. Words spit out unsciously like that will always creep back in her mind, she won't forget about it easily 

8. Seriously how can you be this bad with words

9. Hul this was too much... You should pay back for what you did wrong...

10. The words were harsh, but I can understand the husband. It's so hard to fix habits of adults 

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