We have been married for less than two years.

Now I am pregnant and the baby is coming soon.

After I got pregnant and registered my marriage late, I saw my husband exchanging messages with his ex-girlfriend, saying that he wants to see her, thinks of her, misses her, and even had dinner with her.

When I told my husband about breaking up, he said it was wrong, that he wouldn't contact her, that he would be good to me, and that he would call her and tell her not to contact him again.

So the baby was growing in my stomach, but suddenly, the other day, my husband was drunk and asked me to divorce him. I thought it was just drunken nonsense, but a few days ago, he told me that he was thinking a lot about divorce again and said that if we get divorced, we should do it amicably. So I said that if I get divorced, I will file an adultery lawsuit and get divorced, but he got all riled up, saying that I shouldn't touch someone who is living well and that it will cause damage to himself.

Before this talk, we had a good relationship, and about a month ago, he told me that he felt like he had a really good marriage, but suddenly he talks about divorce at a time when I am expecting a child, so I am very confused and mentally depleted. I don't know if he's trying to get back together with his ex or if he just wants to be free.

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He's the one requesting a divorce to a soon-to-be mother saying that the adulteress is living well and that it will cause him damage so he doesn't wanna get sued??????? You're expanding your horizons today...

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Sue that adulteress and tell your husband to raise the kid. He's asking for a divorce from his pregnant wife, so I'm guessing he's planning to get back together with the woman while leaving you to raise the kid, pay you a few bucks in child support, and live the good life with no responsibilities.

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Both OP and the child are pitiful... How can a f*cker do this to his wife who is pregnant of his child?... wow... even the devil would be shaking his head

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First of all, don't get a divorce, have a baby, and then talk to him again. Get a divorce lawyer right now and tell him everything, and he'll tell you all the legal ways to collect evidence, don't make it obvious and just collect all the evidence, and get an adultery case, and don't give him a divorce. Your lawyer will tell you how to do it. Drain the blood out of him until he's a mummy. I don't know the details, but an acquaintance of mine hired a lawyer from a very big law firm and smashed both of the adulterers to pieces. I know that both of them have been completely canceled by society. And that adulteress?ㅋㅋ I know that her life is over too. My friend had a good life before, but she's even happier now. Even if your husband appears worn out and sorry, don't be swayed, smash him to pieces. Don't go cheap on the lawyer, if you do, all of this will only be short-lived. Have a long, happy life with your baby.

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File the adultery lawsuit, give him the kid and tell him that you're gonna expose him to his work place too

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