First off I won't be revealing names so you can consider this a sort of blind item piece. I work closely with idols but not directly - what I mean is that I work for them and of course, I see them in real life but I don't know them on a personal level outside of work and don't keep in contact (obviously) with them. Apart from this, I have close friends who used to be trainees or are still working in entertainment companies. 

Where to begin... I actually only have one bad review on idols and that's a girl group. They're well-known but not popular. Maybe they're popular in the US? Idk but not in Korea. But everyone knows at least that one song of theirs. They're super rude and stuck up even though they're not popular. They glared at me up and down and didn't greet or say thank you. Made me run up and down X times because they didn't want to wait for each other. 

Most positive experience was a then-rookie boy group. They're still considered fairly rookie, I think mostly because they aren't popular in Korea yet so they haven't won that many wins. Would always go out of their way to say hi and greet even if I was completely occupied with other work. Must've been hard for them then too because a member just got kicked out. 

Do idols flirt with staff? Hard to say. I think if they're longterm staff, then it's a no because they have to see them often. I have had some idols try to flirt with me when I was younger but also, I was more dense when I was greener in the industry, so I didn't notice until my seniors told me later on what they meant. Some of these are really popular or really young idols too. They don't see me as often as personal staff like their stylists or something so I think they were more relaxed. Are all idols faking their love for fans? No. Some are highkey - I was shocked when I heard about one because he's known for his high amount of fan love. Some are super genuine about it and would do anything for fans. 

Are all idols dating around? They're just human haha. But some of the couples I've heard about are really surprising and you'd be like huh, how did they even meet? Some idols on the other hand are super focused on their career and don't date. Like ever. Case by case.

I'll be back if I have more.

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