Is anyone else curious about stuff that gets buried by Korean fandoms before it reaches the international side?

I honestly don't know how legit it is but I've always heard about k-fans doing damage control and sweeping potentially controversial issues under the rug before it gets translated blah blah. And I'm not talking about X dating Y, I'm sure k-fans will be the first to know about that anyway. what I mean is like getting sponsors and hosting private parties with said sponsors etc.

I first heard about it a few years ago when i was a fan of a pretty big boy group now with a spotless reputation back then. So it really surprised me when I heard that some members were allegedly doing "not very idol" stuff but since it wasn't criminal I guess fans just let it slide. I know some fans try really hard to help their faves maintain that good idol image. Sometimes when they get into a relationship or marriage I'll read about fans saying they felt "betrayed" after they "covered up everything" throughout their careers and it just gets me thinking about what that might be. It was actually one reason why i started learning Korean but that's sadly not enough for me to be a part of the inner circle.

Considering how twisted the industry is I feel like there's a lot of dirt under the rug even for groups with a favorable public image. It's business anyway so there's bound to be sus activities. But anyway let me know if you've got tea like this from your own fandom.

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