Ever since I was young I wanted to be a model or an actress. I’ve always admired actors and models. I love they way the work so hard at their craft and how glamorous they are doing it, How people acknowledge and love them for it. I am also crazy about fashion and beauty and I love having my picture taken.

When I was a child, I never told anyone about my dream because I always thought I wasn’t good enough or they might laugh at me.However as I grew up I gained confidence, maintained good habits and I apologize if I sound blunt but puberty really did wonders for me. But after all those years my dream has still remained the same and I have opened up about it a bit more to close friends. 

I definitely think I’m cut out for this sort of job because I am a perfectionist if I want something I’ll do what ever I can to get it, I am very good at sticking to diets and routines, I have taught my self 3 languages. I also don’t give a shit about dating and boys it’s always been boring for me working on my career is much more fulfilling and important. Again apologies for sounding full of my self but I do think I’m more attractive then the average person, I always get told I could be a model. I don’t think I’m superstar level yet but with a few small procedure it’s most certainly possible. 

My issue is that I’m still too shy and insecure to tell my parents, they said they don’t care what i do as long as I’m happy and it helps that we live very comfortably but I still don’t want to disappoint them. ( I also feel like they may have some connections but like I said im too scared to even ask so I don’t know for sure) Another thing is I’m just so scared that I might fail or even worse just be an unremarkable nobody which would be so embarrassing since I myself and my friend have high expectations for me. 

I’m currently taking acting lessons and vocals lessons (which I love and enjoy every second of) while balancing life as a uni student studying economics which I despise like it’s hard for me to even get my self to classes because of how much I don’t care for it. 

I’ve just turned 20 and I’m scared I’m getting too old for the industry and just throwing my dreams away by not chasing them, but then I’m also scared that all this hardworking might lead to nothing. I plan to submit to some agencies in a couple months after I’m happy with the results of my acting training and diet/exercise routine. 

So if you have any advice for me on what I should do , if you think this path is right for me or if you have any experience in the industry and how I should go about this to succeed. please let me know this has been keeping me up late at night for the longest time

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