I’m in my 20s. I feel used by everyone and I feel that no one genuinely likes me. I don’t have a good relationship with my family. My parents are very difficult to deal people, sometimes I feel like they’re children trapped in adults bodies… They really have no emotional maturity and only had a child because they wanted someone to take care of them when they’re old. They never showed me any affection or love, they view me as an object or a tool they can use for whatever they want. They don’t acknowledge me as a person on my own, with personality and tastes and if I don’t do something the way they want or act the way they want, they use the silent treatment or just treat me rudely. Still, they use me when they’re bored and have no one to talk. Suddenly we’re buddies. 

As for my friends, I don’t have many but my closest ones also only talk to me when they’re bored and i’m their only option. Or when they’re going through something and want to vent on me. That happened yesterday again, actually. One of my friends was going through a situation in the day and was very anxious and said she needed to distract herself. I was worried so we kept texting and she kept talking and bringing up topics. Everything went okay in the end and today I just wanted to talk to her again because yesterday was fun and I enjoyed her “company”. Guess what.. she ignored me all day and didn’t even open my messages. 

The guys i’ve dated (only 2 btw) only dated me bc I was their only option at that moment and as soon as they found someone else they left me for the other girl. 

The only one I have is my cat. He’s very affectionate and he loves cuddling, we can’t be apart. At least he’s not only there for the food (that’s what I want to think). 

I’m just tired. I’m also very sad and lonely and depressed. I cry everyday. I just want to be loved once. Please give me some advice or just a word of support.

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