Hi All,

So I have a boyfriend for 1.5 years now. He is my longest relationship so far, because before him, I used to live a very "free" life (meeting a lot of guys, going out for a few weeks, then got bored). We work at the same place (but it's fine, because we barely meet in the work), and before we got together, he used to work so much and go out to drink with his friends. 

My problem is that he still does these things quite often (work too much and go drink everyday), and we fight a lot about it. I'm sometimes a bit lonely to be honest, we talked about it, and I can definitely see him changing. But anyway I love him very much (not only like, but love), and I see him in my future.

But there is a cute guy in my workplace, who is very handsome. My boyfriend is manly and this guy is cute. We used to talk a few times, it was nothing special, I just found him cute (we never had any jealousy problem with my boyfriend, we trust each other, like we can freely talk about if we see someone attractive and even discuss it haha) , but not long ago we had a company event where he got a bit drunk and I talked a lot with this guy, and at one time he confessed to me (knowing I had a boyfriend, and he didn't want me to cheat on him, he just wanted to tell me his feelings, because I'm thinking to leave the company). 

To be honest I liked it, I don't know if because I like him too, or I just like the feeling of being liked. So I told him that I find him cute, but I would never ever cheat on someone! We left it at that. My boyfriend saw us talking and being a bit too close, and approached us a few times, because he was a bit jealous probably, but he told me he trusts me.

The next day I talked to this guy and he seemed to not remember anything, I'm not sure if it is true or not. I still love my boyfriend and I would never ever cheat on him, but I kinda like(?) the sudden attention from this cute guy. 

It feels a bit like I'm back to my "free life days", which I don't want, because I don't want to lose my boyfriend, who I love and who I am planning my future with. (Or am I just comfortable with him and I just don't want to change from it?) My boyfriendis going on a one week business trip and I'm not going to see him. But this guy is going to be in the office and I haven't seen him since his confession (and I'm not sure if he really doesn't remember anything). I feel like this whole situation is the live action of K.Will & Davichi's You Call It Romance music video lol 

What can I do?

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