I don't know why this trend start but I really want it to stop. Instead of having main vocal, main rapper, main dancer, etc, these days they just said everyone's an all-rounder and just roll with it. Now let's be real, none of those groups actually has every member being good at everything. And that's okay!

I heard a fan of group X saying, "but X is different, everyone actually is an all-rounder" and no. They're not. Groups with all-rounder members tends to be either: 1. Have similar skills and so no one stands out And by this I mean they're all mid. Usually they're good dancers but vocal wise? They're all hurting their own throat and my ears. Maybe some of them can carry a note but that's it. Nothing outstanding. 2. Have one or two members that's actually the all-rounder and the rest are just fillers I remember looking at a group that says that they're all-rounder and seeing that the main vocal AND the main dancer is the same person. The rest barely has anything to offer except their pretty faces. Now, I do know that this trend also has its own merits. Saying that everyone is an all-rounder could make people stop ridiculing the "visual member" or "variety member". But on the other hand, this really lowers the standard for talent in these groups. Now talent would probably be put in the back burner and visual would be the highest standard. Especially with the rise of lipsync & pre-recorded vocals, they don't even need to sing! Also sometimes, to prove the "all-rounder" title, they'll make the group's less talented member to sing the high note or to have a rap verse which would just worsen the song. Other than that, I also feel like it's a breeding ground for internal fanwar. Line distribution has always been a problem but now that everyone is the main vocal, each member's fan would fight on why their fav don't have the same amount of line as the member who is the actual main vocal that can actually sing. And if you point it out, they'll say that you're not a true fan and whatnot. It's also just really boring. It's kind of like how in The Giver everyone has to be the same or how in the Rebel Wilson movie everyone goes, "I'm the cheer captain" and so basically everyone is. Having specific position can give a certain uniqueness to them and make it easier to remember the members. This is just my opinion though, idk what do you guys think? (also I didn't choose the pic, so if it's controversial, that's on pc's admin)

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