Actors from back then VS actors now...

Kang Dongwon, Wonbin, Jung Woosung, etc. They were all f*cking handosme. Even people like Gong Yoo, Kwon Sangwoo, So Jisub, they weren't typically handsome, but they were at the level of flower boys because they had such distinct character.. 

Now we have these actors

Honestly the ones on top were all screenshots taken from TV shows and the onse at the bottom were all selcas and photoshoots... People bash acresses all the time, but actors are getting even worse. The most handsome one is Cha Eunwoo, who is someone from an idol background. There's so little people that they're putting Cha Eunwoo as a male lead. What's even worse is that both the top and the bottom ones are cast to play leads in melodramas ^^ The camera technology, hair and makeup have improved so much throughout the years, so why are the actors' faces regressing?

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There are no more handsome actors, so whenever they want to make live action adaptations of webtoons, they always end up with Cha Eunwoo filling those roles.. If we had the same lineup we used to from the past, the fans would be so excited to wait for the lineup reveals and begging for authors to make live actions. But nowadays, due to the lack of visuals, we're all begging authors to not do live actions...

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Park Seojoon, Choi Woosik, Son Seokgoo, Ryu Junyeol, and Choi Hyunwook, if we can get rid of them, it's already better

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It's people like Jung Woosung and Kang Dongwon who should be having fans. They're still so humble and they really have the mindset of a top actor.. They're so comparable to those actors who act fake and who insist on refusing to wear headbangs given by the fans, both in face and in character

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The reason why actors are worse than those from the past is because we're seeing this also in Hollywood and all around the world
> It's because the society is more focused on unique characteristics now

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Cha Eunwoo, Ro Woon, Song Kang, Kim Youngdae, Seo Kangjoon and Yeo Jingoo, there are still lots of handsome ones?

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