This person was known as having legendary post-surgery results that looked super pretty in a natural way

But when you see her in real life, her plastic surgery is actually very obvious. This is what she looks like after applying thick makeup

This is the difference between pictures and real life. There's a reason why anyone who got surgery must edit their pictures.

If she's one of the most legendary post-surgery example, imagine what other kids look like.

Do you guys really think that she looks like Kim Yoojung?

"They said I look like Kim Yoojung.."

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1. [+176, -3]
Is she for real?

2. [+151, -3]
If you saw her in real life, her plastic surgery will be actually f*cking obvious... but people like her are still satisfied with the results because they believe that they look better than before even if it's obvious.

3. [+140, -1]
Rather than Kim Yoojung, she looks more like Mimi

4. [+132, 0]
Usually with plastic surgery, even if you look good on video or pictures, it still looks super obvious in real life.. if you look at female and male idols up-close in real life, their nose jobs are f*cking obvious

5. [+129, 0]
Nowadays, when you look at plastic surgery's YouTube Shorts, the pre-surgery pictures are always taken with a bare face + no editing + weird angle but the post-surgery pictures are always taken with an shalala effect + makeup + lenses + editing + the person's best angle

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