Actor Lee Sun Kyun's agency has released a statement revealing his involvement in a drug scandal and his victimization by threats.

Regarding the drug allegations surrounding Mr. Lee, the agency said, "We intend to be truthful and sincere in any investigations that may be conducted in the future."

They also disclosed that they had filed a complaint after receiving "continuous threats and intimidation from those involved in the case."

The drug allegations surrounding actor Lee Sun Kyun surfaced last month when police traced a shipment of drugs through the port of Incheon.

A worker at a nightclub in Gangnam who allegedly supplied the drug was found to have been in contact with Mr. Lee on several occasions.

Police have initially identified Mr. Lee as an insider, not a suspect, and are reportedly looking for clues about his drug use.

Police also discovered that Mr. Lee had transferred 350 million won to a person A involved in the case after being threatened by A to expose the drug suspicions.

It was also discovered that Lee had recently filed a complaint with the Incheon District Prosecutor's Office against A for blackmail.

Meanwhile, police are reportedly investigating eight people, including Mr. Lee, in connection with the drug probe.

They reportedly include the granddaughter of a well-known businessman who has been punished for drug use in the past, as well as an aspiring celebrity.

The police plan to summon those involved in the case, including Mr. Lee, in the near future and obtain a body search warrant to investigate.

(350 M won = ~259K USD)

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1. Farewell

2. He even had a lot of money...

3. No but who cares?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ he wouldn't have been blackmailed if he never did drugs in the first placeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. I'm f*cking sad. I'm not even Lee Sun Kyun but all this situation just feels like a dream

5. Wow looks like he really had a lot of money...

6. The "granddaughter of a well-known businessman..." that's way too obvious. I used to like Lee Sun Kyun but this is seriously shocking. As expected, you really don't see everythingㅠ It makes me think if every celebrity's image is fake

7. He could've avoided sending away this big amount of money if only....

8. Doing drugs at a brothel, sigh...

9. What a waste of money. That money could've been donated somewhere.. Why ruin your life so much?

10. He had that kind of money laying around?

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