"- The lyrics are slowly but steadily becoming full English. KOR sub plz
- Because the dances are getting too hard.. I think that their lives must be very tiring. Although male idols' dances have always been intense.
- Female idols' dances have gotten a lot more difficult too..
- I just wish them to find a middle ground
- They are just repeating lyrics of the same word over and over again
- Cake Cake Cake = Gold Gold Gold. What's worse is that songs are getting shorter and this one is 2:30 long
- There is no clear position aside from the leader. It's like they just want all-rounders
- They never release any full albums although they bring in money. aespa still doesn't have a full album."

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1. Also, can they stop mispronouncing Korean?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. It's like these songs were just made for Reels

3. The most shocking are 2min long songs..

4. What I hate the most are choruses that have no melody

5. I don't need any of these, I just want them to sing live... stop with the recordings

6. I hate English lyrics the most. I'm fine if there's a bit of it but I hate when there's too much. Also songs have gotten way too short...

7. I hate English lyrics and the meaningless repeating of words

8. To be honest, I agree with them all...

9. That's why it's been a while I stopped listening to K-pop

10. Having more than 50% English lyrics is so-so

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