Actor Lee Sunkyun (48) has been criminally charged with drug use. He will soon be questioned by police as a suspect. 

"We have filed a criminal complaint against Lee Sunkyun for violating the law on the management of narcotic drugs," a representative from the Incheon National Police Agency's drug crime investigation division told The Dispatch in a phone call on the 23rd. 

The drug investigation into Lee began in mid-September with an intel. It was reported that A, a worker at a "Tenpro" (G establishment) in Gangnam, was taking drugs with VIP customers (T/N: Tenpro means "10 percent". It is a high end pr*st*t*t**n brothel in Korea essentially for the people at the top. And the word "Tenpro madame" is used for high quality s*x workers that serve their VIP customers in that establishment). 

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Department began investigating A. Their residence was raided and their cell phone was forensically examined. They are currently in custody and the investigation is continuing. 

Lee Sunkyun was caught during the investigation of A. His real name was mentioned by A and others. The police secured a number of circumstantial evidence and turned Lee into a suspect.

There are eight suspected drug users linked to A (so far). A remains in custody, while Lee, B, and C have been switched as suspects. The remaining four are under investigation. 

The police plan to summon Lee soon. They plan to conduct a hair and liver reagent test. The specific investigation schedule is under discussion.

The police said, "Since we have secured evidence related to Lee Sunkyun, an investigation is inevitable," adding, "We have not yet set a schedule for his appearance. We will coordinate it soon." 

Lee's lawyers filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office on Nov. 20, saying, "I have been receiving continuous blackmail and threats in connection with the (drug) case." 

According to 'Dispatch,' the person who threatened Lee was A. They are the same person who was detained for allegedly taking drugs. 

The reason for A's threat was not revealed. It is unclear whether it was to silence the investigation or to simply extort money. The amount of damage claimed by Lee Sunkyun is said to be around 350 million won.

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1. Disgusting

2. 🤮

3. So he was caught red handed going to Tenpro and doing drugs so that's why he's being threatened?

4. That's why he's a celebrity. Just like Robert Downey JR., he's gonna revive and hit big with some character like Iron Man and will live a good life

5. It's crazy. There's a level of shamelessness even for someone who has all the knowledge.......

6. That's what people meant when they said someone was doing "all sorts of things"...

7. Celebritiesㅋㅋ

8. Does he think that living is free? Why throw away everything for drugs?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If he had a sh*tty filmography, I wouldn't be saying anything but..

9. I still can't believe it... is this for real?

10. What is his family gonna do?.... the kids are pretty grown up tooㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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