This was about Nam Hyunhee's soon-to-be husband's graduation picture

Summary: they're more focused on the fact that Koreans are transphobic ㅋ 

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1. I'm more shocked with the fact that they're interested in people who aren't even top celebrities here

2. Foreigners hate Asians, so they'll find any reasons to swear at us. They have noodles for brains

3. Seriously this has nothing to do about transgenders. That person is a scammer. They're a scammer whether they're a man or a woman... Foreigners should stay out of this 

4. How can someone be this dumb... 

5. Dumb f*ckers screw off

6. Do they not know that they're a scammer and that's a crime.. 

7. We also don't care whether she's a woman or a trans though ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Ah no but that's not even the issue we're arguing against

9. F*ck this isn't a gender issue, the fact that they pretend not to know what scamming is is severe

10. If you know nothing, stay out of this 

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