G-Dragon’s advisory counsel has released a new statement regarding his recent investigation.

On October 25, it was reported that G-Dragon had been booked by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency on drug-related charges. Later on October 27, G-Dragon personally released a statement through his legal representative.

Regarding this case, lawyer Kim Soo Hyun shared an update on October 30:

"This is Kwon Ji Yong’s (G-Dragon’s) advisory counsel, lawyer Kim Soo Hyun of K1 Chamber LLP.

As clearly revealed already, is is not true that Kwon Ji Yong used drugs.

Regarding this, Kwon Ji Yong appointed a lawyer and submitted a statement of intent for voluntary attendance to the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Unit of the Regional Investigation Department with the appointed lawyer this morning.

Through the statement of intent for voluntary attendance and a written opinion of counsel, Kwon Ji Yong expressed his intent for voluntary attendance and his intent to actively cooperate with the investigation, and in order to resolve the false accusations as quickly as possible through a rapid investigation process to reveal the truth, he stated to the police that he will actively cooperate with the hair follicle test and urine test. His schedule for voluntary attendance is currently being discussed.

Recent speculative false reports and YouTube videos regarding this case such as the appointment of a lawyer who is a former constitutional judge and an excessively high lawyer payment are being released thoughtlessly, but we clearly reveal that these are not true at all, and we will take strong legal action against these types of speculative reports for the circulation of false information and defamation."
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1. I really hope it's not true

2. He said he never did drugs but got caught doing drugs a few years ago no...

3. If not, then why did you press charges? The police are so inept.

4. If he had an agency, he would have responded like this as soon as his name appeared, but he didn't have one, so this came out a few days late.

5. I really hope with my whole heart that it's not true

6. I don't like GD and I wasn't even surprised when I saw the news at first but I just hope that it's not like they claimedㅎㅎㅎ

7. Then we should just watch things on the sideline. He also released an article about suing people so you guys should start deleting your comments~

8. I really hope it's not true... he was an icon for the Korean music industry for a generation so if he turns out to be a druggie, it would be the worst...

9. So the police still hasn't investigated GD yet?

10. That's right. Drugs aside, he just doesn't look like someone who would go to room salons. What is he lacking to go somewhere like that?

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