Kim Tofu :
I feel like the whole concept of liking idols and going to their fansigns because you want to meet them and talk to them is a mental disease. 
That's how it all starts. 

Zero: So you're telling me that we're all mentally ill?

Tofu: The way that I'm seeing this is that normal people don't really see the appeal in going to fansigns. It's like "is it even necessary to spend that much money to go?". The moment you start thinking "I just need to save some money to try it out once" is the start of your mental disease. The moment these thoughts enter your head, you've already planted the seeds for that mental disease. 

Sun: But we can also just think about wanting to go there just to try it out. I don't think that's such a big deal.

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1. I went to fansigns and I had such a good time at first. Then on my 3rd time, I ended up spending 1.2M won and still got eliminated at the end. That's how I woke up (~900$)

2. Spending hundreds of dollars to talk for 2-3 minutes is already outside the normal range of behavior

3. Yup... I agree that's the startㅋㅋ

4. No matter how much of a hobby you have, there's always an "immersive" phase. Everyone starts enjoying it normally, but there's always a phase when you start customizing it to fit whatever you like

5. What she says is true ㅋㅋ

6. I can understand people wanting to go, but I can't understand people spending this much money to go. I can only understand if it's getting a signature as some part of commemorative event 

7. I can understand buying albums and going to concerts but I can't understand spending hundreds just for a fansign 

8. For real, I've never once thought about wanting to go 

9. The moment I imagined myself going, I got such a reality slap that I didn't want to go anymore

10. The moment I watched fansigns' videos, I didn't want to go anymore. Imagine talking to them, holding hands.. 

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