It's like a conventional weapon kind of like a grenade that causes a biological and chemical attack as well as fire (T/N: from Human Rights Watch “White phosphorus can burn people to the bone, smoulder inside the body, and reignite when bandages are removed")

(the pictures above were from previous airstrikes)

They are blowing it up in the air like this, sending shrapnel everywhere
and the white phosphorus doesn't put out the fire, it just ignites and burns everything.
It's internationally banned for use against civilians on humanitarian grounds.
Israel is often criticized for its frequent use.

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1. They are throwing white phosphorus bombs again?

2. What a disasterㅠ

3. F*ck, I just pity the civilians

4. Both of the parties are evil. I'm just so tired of the finger pointing now. Israel is also so evil to cosplay as the victimsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Both parties are in the wrong. The only pitiful ones are the civilians, kids and womenㅠㅠ

6. What in the world... this is way too scary

7. No matter how bad it is, using white phosphorus is seriously just going to kill everyone

8. Ah... it's seriously hell over there... What happened to the land flowing with milk and honey....

9. This is seriously evil..

10. Aren't there a lot of foreigners on site too?ㅠ I hope that Koreans are safe..

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